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Vac-Con’s Hydro-Excavator

Hydro-excavation is a much safer and cost-effective approach to excavation than the use of a standard mechanical process. The indiscriminate...

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Power Flex Boom

The latest enhancement by Vac•Con, Inc. to its Municipal, Industrial and X-Cavator™. Product lines is the launch of its new...

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Hydroexcavation Q & A

Q: How long has Vac-Con been making the X-Cavator™? A: Vac-Con has been building hydroexcavators since 1994.   Q: How...

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A cost-effective and safe alternative to mechanical excavation methods for underground construction applications in private and public land-use areas. Each...

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Industrial Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Truck

The word Industrial, as quoted from Webster Dictionary, means pertaining to, of the nature of, or resulting from Industry. In...

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