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Employment Opportunities at Vac-Con®

Building tough trucks, takes tough people.

Vac-Con® is 100% Employee Owned…That is right, 100%. Working at an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) based company allows our employees to take ownership of workplace processes and product quality…literally. When people have a vested interest in their handiwork, the results are machines and careers that last.

At Vac-Con®, increased quality control and feedback are as important as lunch breaks and paychecks. More than a tagline, our employees live out “more power to you” every day; it is embedded in everything we do – our technology, our culture, and our leadership. Building tough, reliable trucks takes tough, reliable people – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you want to put your skills to the test, learn, and build a long-term career, look into employment at Vac-Con®. Whether you are a welder, assembler, electrician, mechanic, administrator, accountant, engineer, marketer, IT specialist, etc., it takes people with an array of talents to advance our trucks from conception to creation.

To inquire about what positions are available at this time, please use the contact information below…

Please Contact Alexandra Acevedo, People Operations Manager at jobs@vac-con.com or 904-529-1321 if interested in submitting a resume for office positions.

Please Contact Bob Graden, Plant Manager at bobg@vac-con.com or 904-284-4200 if interested in submitting a resume for plant positions.

Don’t forget to mention how you heard about possible employment opportunities at Vac-Con®.