Hydrovac Machines

All New X-Cavator Hydrovac from Vac-Con

X-Cavator EXT Truck

The All-New Vac•Con® X-Cavator™ EXT is a Hydrovac designed to meet the demands of oil, gas, utility, telecommunications, and construction environments. Engineered by industry experts, the features...

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X-cavator - Hydro Excavator Vacuum Truck


The X-Cavator™ is designed specifically for the job and can handle the toughest and most challenging excavating jobs. Based on our combo machines, the X-Cavator™ is powerful,...

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XX-Cavator - Hydro Excavator Vacuum Truck


Vac-Con’s XX-Cavator™ is simply a beast on any project, but is forgiving and kind to the one operating and maintaining it. Able to withstand extreme climates and...

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