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Vacuum Trucks & Machines

Single Engine Combination Machine  Vacuum Truck

Single Engine Combination Machine

Vac-Con uses the simplicity of a hydrostatic drive to power both the vacuum and water systems with a single engine. Both systems can be independently operated for...

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Dual Engine Combination Machine  Vacuum Truck

Dual Engine Combination Machine

Only Vac-Con combines the flexibility of a two-engine design to get the toughest jobs done right. Our efficient design, allowing the chassis engine to drive either the...

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Titan Combination Vacuum Truck

Titan Truck

The premier Titan Combination Machine provides operators with the performance and power they’ve been asking for. This redesigned model was designed, tested, and built by the sewer...

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Trailer Mounted Combination Machines Neptune

Neptune™ Trailer

The Neptune is designed & manufactured for Vac•Con adding the power of portability to an impressive line of truck-mounted combination machines, excavators & industrial machines.

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The much-anticipated Vac•Con® Recycler is here, and it is worth the wait! Designed from proven European technology and the durability to keep you on the job working...

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Quality and Reliable Vacuum Trucks and Heavy-Duty Machines from Vac-Con

Vac-Con is your leading provider of Industrial Vacuum Trucks and Heavy-Duty Machines. Our wide range of heavy-duty machines and vacuum trucks include Titan Machine, Single Engine Combination Machine, Dual Engine Combination Machine, X-Cavator, XX-Cavator, Industrial Vacuum Loaders, and so forth. No matter how tough the job can be or how harsh the working condition is, our heavy-duty machines and vacuum trucks are guaranteed to deliver excellent results that will surpass your expectations.

Industrial Vacuum Trucks and Industrial Vacuum Loaders

Today, our vacuum trucks and loaders are used by various companies in the construction, oil and gas, mining, safety, and environmental industry. These machines are equipped to handle the toughest jobs in the harshest conditions. They are suitable for several industrial and construction operations ranging from hydro excavation to daylighting, exposing in-ground utilities, soil trenching, sewer jetting, and debris removal. Also, our industrial vacuum trucks and loaders can also be used for task such as cold weather digging, piling hole excavation, and several other oilfield operations. They are highly reliable and get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently. In fact, a lot of municipalities, operators, and contractors use these trucks to execute various tasks and save operating cost. No matter the industry you are, our world-class industrial vacuum trucks and loaders are guaranteed to save you time, money, and effort.

Combination Machines

At Vac-Con, we offer you a wide range of heavy-duty combination machines, including Single Engine Combination Machine and Dual Engine Combination Machine. Both machines work by seamlessly combining water excavation and vacuum loader systems to offer you the best value without compromising performance, power, or ease of operation.

Single Engine Combination Machine:

The Single Engine Combination Machine powers the water and vacuum system using a hydrostatic drive. Nonetheless, both systems can be operated independently for multiple applications. With this, you can achieve maximum flexibility without sacrificing performance.

Dual Engine Combination Machine:

The Dual Engine Combination Machine features a two-engine design to handle even the toughest and most complex jobs. This combination machine has also been designed to be fuel-efficient with reduced wear and tear. No matter how powerful the excavation job can be, the Dual Engine Combination Machine has what it takes to tackle it brilliantly and efficiently.

Hydro Excavators: X-Cavators & XX-Cavators

Furthermore, our quality and sophisticated Vac-Con Hydro Excavators, including the X-Cavator and XX-Cavator, offer the highest quality pumps, blowers, and control systems. These machines are simply the best on any hydro excavation project. The X-Cavator can safely excavate around in-ground utilities without causing any damage. The XX-Cavator has what it takes to operate under extreme climate and temperatures. Whether you intend to use the hydro excavators for excavation, trenching, or daylighting, be assured that they will get the job done exceptionally.

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