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Daylighting with Combination or Hydro-Excavation Machines

Daylighting Truck with 2 workers Hydro-excavating the groundWhen most people think about combination machines, they often refer strictly to functions centered on sewer and catch basin cleaning and maintenance. Although, these are the more traditional, and most common functions of a combination machine. However, a growing industry is using this heavy equipment for daylighting and hydro-excavation.

Hydro-Excavation and Daylighting

Hydro-excavation and daylighting are not new techniques. Recently, these processes have continued to gain traction among contractors, municipalities, and operators across North America. With a rejuvenated focus on safe digging practices, municipalities and contractors alike are taking a step back. They now use safer and more efficient techniques for each and every soil excavation task.

Daylighting refers to the practice of exposing underground utilities, pipeline, and cables. Just like hydro-excavation, daylighting is nothing new. However, prior to hydro-excavation, this was done using traditional digging methods such as backhoes, trenchers, and augers.

Unfortunately, this type of traditional equipment and techniques pose a great danger to workers and the environment. They can cause expensive damages, injuries to operators, site workers, and individuals living nearby.

In 2017, the Common Ground Alliance reported that more than 411,000 incidents were submitted due to an array of excavation practice causes. These range from improper use of equipment to not calling 811 to locate underground utilities prior to working.

Using Combination and Hydro-Excavation Machines for Excavation and Daylighting

Today, combination and hydro-excavation machines offer safer and more effective equipment for handling processes like excavation and daylighting. The method involves using high-pressure water and vacuum system when dealing with areas that involve underground utilities. Thus, creating a non-destructive method of excavating underground areas. The benefits of hydro-excavation include:

More Efficient: Hydro-excavation is more efficient, with the use of water and air/vacuum to cut through material quickly to expose the utilities.

Safer: Hydro-excavation is safer. When used properly and according to safe work standard, hydro-excavation provides a safer method of daylighting. Air and water do not damage the utilities under the ground. The result is a mitigated risk of damage or injuries.

Precise: Finally, hydro-excavation is precise. “Demand Power, Command Precision” is not just a catchy tagline. We know that you need power. You require a powerful machine that can do the job right. On the other end of this power is the need for precision. With hydro-excavation, operators are able to ‘command precision’ as this technique allows for very specific, centralized areas to be worked during daylighting without affecting anything around it. The overall worksite is shrunk, which will save time and money.

Choose Our Combination and Hydro-Excavation Machines 

At Vac-Con, we offer you a wide range of Hydro-Excavation and Combination Machines. Our Single Engine Combination Machine and Dual Engine Combination Machine seamlessly combines water and vacuum systems to offer you the best value without compromising performance, power or ease of operation.

Also, our quality and sophisticated Vac-Con X-Cavator offer the highest quality pumps, blowers, and control systems. Whether you use the equipment and machine for excavation or daylighting, be assured that they will serve you excellently.

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