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Industrial Vacuum Loaders

The Vac-Con® Advantage

Vac-Con® machines consistently deliver more. That means more power to vacuum and removes solids, liquids, slurries and powders from hard to reach places. When you’re dealing with tough jobs in furnaces, conveyors, bag houses, cranes, pits and tanks, the higher performing, easier to use and safer Vac-Con® really delivers. Star bags make the difference!

With superior cloth-to-air ratio, star bags do more with less. They are washable and are easy and economical to replace. Only 26 star bags do the work of many more conventional round bags and give Vac-Con® an efficient advantage.


Vac-Con® always gives more power to you®

  • MORE Loads…Faster
    Automatic Material Return System – which includes timer for air cannon – is so unique
    it ’s patented.
  • MORE Time On Job
    True High Dump adds convenience without limiting capacity, dump angle or debris discharge.
  • MORE Vacuum For More Productivity
    High Performance Air Flow by Design – Blowers that develop maximum vacuum to 28” Hg. and 6100 CFM.
  • MORE Machine Life
    Wet and dry filtration in the same chamber. Simplified, high-efficiency filtration system, with enhanced capacity. Uses star bags or can be fitted with filter cartridges.

Vac-Con® Industrial vacuum loaders are designed to out perform other machines from the ground up. By featuring superior air flow efficiency as standard equipment and applying innovative technology with options like Hi Dump and the patented Automatic Material Return System, these machines deliver world class performance while saving you money, time and effort. Simple to operate and maintain, our single mode machines can recover wet or dry material with up to 28” Hg. Equipped to handle the toughest jobs, these machines are right at home in the harshest environments, such as:

  • Power Generating Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Bulk Powder Facilities
  • Chemical Plants
  • Foundries and Forges
  • Processing Plants
  • Grain Elevators and Silos
  • Rail Yards
  • Mines
  • …and many others.
  1. Multiple Chassis Options
  2. Operator-Friendly Control Panel & Instrumentation
  3. Final Filter Blower Protection
  4. Inspection Door for Access to Blower Lobes
  5. Blower Driven Direct via Transfer Case
  6. Multiple Inspection Ports for Easy Cleaning
  7. Twin Cyclone Action Bag Houses
  8. Automatic Vacuum Breaker
  9. Abrasion Resistant Corten Steel Debris Body
  10. Reinforced Debris Body with 50 Degree Dump Angle
  11. Air Cannon for Simplified Filter Purging
  12. Premium Hydraulic Rear Door Locks and Opener


So, whether you are purchasing, hiring or simply specifying industrial loaders, ask for the machine that does it all effectively and efficiently…ask for a Vac-Con®!

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