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Vac-Con’s Hydro-Excavator

Hydro-excavation is a much safer and cost-effective approach to excavation than the use of a standard mechanical process. The indiscriminate use of backhoes, track hoes and other excavating machines can lead to broken utility lines and collapsed trenches. Vac-Con’s X-Cavator™ is designed to provide a safe alternative to the excavation process while minimizing damage to underground utilities.

Vacuum System Excavation

The excavating process becomes improved by using vacuum and high-pressure water to remove loose soil and send it to a holding tank for disposal. I n some cases the soil can be used for back-fill needs. The soil is loosened through the application of air or water, hydro-excavation, at high pressure.

Pressurized water loosens the soil so that the debris can be extracted through the vacuum system. This technique is considered a non-destructive method and greatly reduces the possibility of damage to critical utilities. Heated water can be used for excavating frozen soil or heavy material such as dense clay.

Accident reduction

In the excavation industry, even a minor accident can cause injuries or death, lost work time, property damage, increased insurance rates, environmental damages and can potentially disrupt utility service to a large area. While accurate utility locating and safe digging techniques do improve safety, non-destructive hydro-excavation eliminates many problem areas.

The Vac-Con Hydro-Excavator adds operational safety features including hydraulic door locks, an automatic vacuum breaker to prevent tank overfill and accidental discharge. Hydro excavation meets the requirements for safe excavation in both the United States and Canada.

Water tank capacities are available from 650 to 1,500 gallons and the tanks are backed by a ten-year warranty. Triplex water systems can be selected from flows of 10 GPM to 50 GPM or higher with 2,000 to 3,000 psi.

The ability to use a combination of pressurized water and a vacuum system allows for precise digging and daylighting of underground utilities or obstacles. Vac-Con’s X-Cavator™ supplies all power needed to perform safely and effectively and to provide benefits to customers who need alternative solutions to mechanical excavation.

Vac-Con is an industry leader in hydro-excavating solutions and can offer the application configurations to meet any needs.

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