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Sewage Excavation with Vac-Con Trucks

Is there Sludge in your Sewage Line?

Sludge is excess, backed up waste that builds and sets for too long in a sewer line. This can be incredibly dangerous for both the people on either end of the sewer lines and the environment surrounding the area. It is a commonplace for Sewage Excavation and sewer line cleaning as fast as possible when you are facing a buildup otherwise you run the risk of backups which can cause chemical and toxic waste to form in residential properties.

When you need to break up the waste and escort it safely away from a populace, you should employ the services of a hydro excavation truck. Our trucks can not only break away the buildup and debris but also suck up and transport any of the remaining materials.

Common Uses of Our Sludge Pumps

Residential Sewer Lines

excavate your sewerThoroughly cleaning up residential sewer lines is one of the most common services for public works and plumbers alike. If you want to up your game and clear any debris or sewage that is plaguing your residents, call us today!

Sewage Runoff Points

As sludge slows down or narrows, it will cake on the walls of the drain that is escorting it. This builds up over time and can stem the flow of sludge to a choke point which of course will only accrue more sludge and cause a backup.

Our Hydrovacs high power jets are ideal for safely scrubbing and destroying build up from a distance. By using our system, you can safely and efficiently remove the pressure from the chokehold making it much easier and practical for repair.


When you are beginning your soft dig, you need to use the very best to ensure that the work gets done in the fastest way possible. As we say over here at Vac-Con, “don’t dig, Xcavate.” If you would like to know more about our services, trucks, or more about the awesome power that the X-cavator and XX-cavator can produce, give us a call today at (904) 493-4969.


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