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The word Industrial, as quoted from Webster Dictionary, means pertaining to, of the nature of, or resulting from Industry. In the Industrial Vacuum trucks market, any truck that vacuums could become considered an Industrial unit. There are many different applications for the user of vacuum trucks in our market today, such as sewer sanitation line cleaning, storm drains, catch basins, containment pits and hydro–excavation. These types of vacuum trucks use a combination of vacuum and high pressure water at different flow rates to clean pipes and basins. Normally the material becomes damp or wet and sometimes a slurry material. This wet material conveys easily into the holding body or debris tank without much carry over into the atmosphere.

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Not all material is wet and there is a need for the industry to have a machine that is capable of not only vacuuming wet material but also dry powder type materials. Materials such as fly ash, cement powders and the like. These materials if vacuumed with a standard style vacuum truck would instantly make a cloud of dust into the atmosphere out of the exhaust of the blower. The common name for this type of vacuum truck is ”Industrial Vacuum Loader”. This machine has components such as cyclones, drop boxes , and most importantly, a special filtration system that filters the fine particles down. So that there is no carry-over of material into the atmosphere. This is good for the environment and healthy for the operator, as some of these materials that are toxic and or acidic.

The Industrial Loader generally has a large positive displacement blower capable of generating over 6000 CFM. With vacuum capabilities of as much as 29 inches of negative pressure. These positive displacement blowers are capable of pulling material long distances as much as 700 feet or more. The Industrial Vacuum Loader generally found in coal fired power plants, mines, Corn producing plants, and numerous other manufacturing plants. Where fine powders become produced and need to become cleaned and maintained. As with the standard type combination vacuum trucks. There are many varieties of the Industrial Loader machine available in the market place. Some Industrial Vacuum Loader machines also have water systems and other unique special features on them. For the ever-changing Industrial market and the different opportunities that come out of our ever growing industry.

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