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The Benefits and Functions of a Recycler on a Combination Machine

Vac-Con Recycler -Working in a residential location over culvertVac-Con combination machines have long been hailed as being the most powerful machines on the market. So how can we enhance our products even more to fit the customers’ demands? Easy – welcome the Vac-Con Recycler, a recycling feature that can be added to most Vac-Con combination machine models.

This post includes several reasons why you should invest in a recycling feature on your Vac-Con single combination machine or dual combination machine.

Increase Efficiency and Saves Time

One of the major benefits of the recycler is that it increases productivity and efficiency. The aim of the recycler option on a combination machine is to increase the time on the job without delays or interruptions.

Vac-Con Recycler -Working in a culvert

One of the main interruptions on the work site is leaving the job site to find more water for the task. Often times, operators have to stop working, travel back to the utility facility, refill the water tank, get back to the job site, and continue from where they left off. This can add hours lost to a single day of work.

Fortunately, the recycler helps resolve this issue in two ways:

  • It can work with a completely empty water system. If there is enough water in the sewer line to work with, the Recycler can get to work right away, pulling the debris and water from the line, filtering out the debris, and recycling the water to continue to clean the sewer line.
  • Operators can fill the fresh water capacity tanks before the job. They will use this water to start cleaning the lines, continue to vacuum, filter, and recycle the water for use throughout the job.

With this, there will be no need to leave the job site to find more water supply.  The task can be completed in less time.

Vac-Con Recycler -Working on new construction site drainReduces the Amount of Water Used

A combination machine can use several thousands of gallons of water daily on a particular task. However, the combination machine with recycler option helps in reducing the amount of water used significantly. The recycling function will continue to filter, clean, and use the water that is provided, without needing to fill up with fresh water. As we continue to identify ways to save our water resources, a Recycler will undoubtedly be the standard of the future before long.

Save Operation Cost

Lastly, operators, municipalities, and contractors are always in search of ways to reduce operation cost on any project. The recycler helps achieve this through the following ways:

  • More time on the job site: Recyclers make it possible for operators to get more tasks done in a day. Whether this provides more time to do other jobs or the resources to bid on more jobs with a greater chance of winning them, the overall efficiency is a big money saver.
  • Using a recycled water supply saves money at the meter! Traditional jobs would take fresh water, utilize for cleaning, and then place back in the system for it to be treated and sent back out. Utilizing recycled water reduces the amount of water that is continuously being pumped through treatment plants, which saves taxpayers in the long run.

If you’re interested in discovering all of the benefits of the Vac-Con Recycler, give us a call and schedule your demo today!

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