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3 Reasons Potholing is Safer with Hydro Excavation

Hydrovac - Hydro-excavation and VacuumPotholing, also known as daylighting, is the process of using a technique, hydro excavation, to find and expose underground pipes, cables, and utilities. The technique, hydro excavation, combines high-pressure water and high-velocity vacuum to break up the soil.

It makes potholing the safest and most efficient of all the excavation techniques. It isn’t just safe only; there are a host of other benefits too. Below are some reasons why potholing is safer with hydro excavation.

Potholing Allows For Precision

Potholing with hydro excavation is not only safe and efficient, but it also allows for precision. Thanks to the high-pressure water and various kinds of nozzles being used, operators get to surgically excavate holes of different shapes and depths with utmost precision.

The high-pressure water removes the soil in such a way that it doesn’t affect any underground utilities or infrastructure but for easy access.


Talk about gaining direct and precise access to places or locations that are inaccessible with typical hard-edge traditional machines. Potholing with hydro excavation makes it easy to reach those “difficult areas.”

Potholing is the solution if you are looking to reach a location that’s close to a building or other structure without the building being affected. With it, operators can easily extend the lengths of their water line and hose to get to those hard places a typical traditional machine will find hard to reach.

Low Level of Risks

There are utilities underground that can easily get damaged by machines’ touch. Most of these underground utilities are costly and extremely expensive to fix. If the conventional methods of excavation are being used, chances are the utility may get damaged. Potholing with hydro excavation lowers the risks to the barest minimum. It gives a quicker and cleaner operation with no or less risk.

There you have it! Above are some reason why potholing is safer with hydro excavation. The demerits of traditional excavation methods such as prolonged downtime and decrease in productivity are more reasons for the embracement of potholing with the new hydrovacs. Making use of hydro excavation machines is guaranteed to make potholing safer, better, more efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving!

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