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3 Applications for Sewer Jet Trucks in Municipalities

Applications for Sewer Jet Trucks in MunicipalitiesSewer jet trucks are specialized pieces of equipment that are used for cleaning and flushing sewer and storm drain pipelines. What many who are not in the industry don’t realize is amount and types of debris that can be trapped in these lines, causing back-ups and flooding to communities. In order to maintain clean, sanitary, and welcoming streets and systems in communities, municipalities often rely on a sewer jet truck to assist in removing stones, sand, bottles, grease, sludge, tree roots and other types of debris from the system.

Sewer Cleaning

The most common application for sewer jet truck is sewer cleaning. Municipalities utilize sewer jet trucks for the removal of debris from sewer systems, storm drains, catch basins and laterals. The sewer jet truck utilizes high pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to pull clogs caused by debris back to the manhole where it is removed by the vacuum system and emptied into the sewer jet truck’s debris tank. The debris is then taken to an appropriate dumping site and disposed.

Sewer Jetting

A common technique utilized by municipalities to ensure pipeline maintenance is sewer jetting. This application involves jetting or flushing out the pipelines with pressurized water in order to push clogs and debris further down or out of the line. This type of maintenance keeps lines clear and flowing smoothly, mitigating the risk of a major clog occurring.


Sewer Jet Trucks can also be equipped with hydro-excavation packages, which open up a wide range of applications. With this package, a Sewer Jet Truck can function as a hydrovac unit and complete tasks such as daylighting, slot trenching, pile holing, and debris removal.

There you have it! Above are some of the applications of sewer jet trucks for municipalities. Today, a lot of municipalities and city contractors use sewer jet trucks for various cleaning processes. Whether it is a sewer cleaning, flushing, jetting, or drain cleaning job, the sewer jet truck is the ideal machine for the task.

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