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Who We Are – Vacuum Truck Leaders

Once again our service guru, Mike Selby, has outdone himself. He wants to let the world know who we are, so here it is.

Vac-Con was started in 1986 with two simple concepts; provide the customer with a quality machine at a lower price and make the machine the easiest to operate and maintain. 27 years later and with almost 7000 machines in the marketplace, these two key concepts still remain at the forefront of our mission.

The Vac-Con combination machine employs a two engine design, engineered with the operator’s safety and comfort in mind. The deck mounted auxiliary engine drives the water system. Our water systems flow anywhere from 10 gallons per minute to 120 gallons per minute and require from 28 to 170 horsepower. Using the auxiliary engine to drive the water system allows the chassis engine to remain at idle during flushing, which reduces fuel usage, reduces heat that the operator becomes subjected to, reduces noise and, with the front operators station, enhances the overall safety of the operator by keeping them out of oncoming traffic. Currently Vac-Con offers two types of auxiliary engines, a 140 horsepower diesel engine or a 220 horsepower V-10 gasoline engine, and with the optional hydraulic pump installed, the chassis can be turned off allowing for additional fuel savings of approximately 3 gallons per hour. When the chassis idle time is reduced by 3 hours each day, the carbon footprint is reduced by 18 metric tons each year. Some of the water system options include debris body flushout, low pressure handgun and a hydro excavation package becomes added to any Vac-Con combination machine. The addition of the hydro excavation package virtually turns a combination machine into a hydro excavator at a fraction of the cost of purchasing an additional machine. The operator can have further insight to potential infrastructure problems by installing the Inspector Cam video inspection system, which allows him to propel a self-leveling color camera into the pipe and record video of the failure or blockage. Advancement in operator safety includes the Vanguard anti-microbial / anti-bacterial wash down system. This system allows the operator to wash down any tool or hose becomes introduced into the storm or sanitary system with Quaternary ammonia.

Vac-Con’s vacuum system is driven hydrostatically by the chassis engine. Vacuum is generated by our exclusive 3 stage centrifugal compressor or a positive displacement rotary lobe blower depending on the individual customer’s requirement. With our advancements in hydrostatics, Vac-Con now offers a large displacement hydrostatic pump to complement our green philosophy. The large pump displacement allows the operator to run the chassis at much lower engine speeds, further enhancing fuel savings and noise abatement. The combination of Vac-Con’s 3 stage compressor and the optional stainless steel silencer will further decrease noise emissions.

Vac-Con is world renowned for the advancements it introduces to the industry. We were the first to develop the Hi-Dump™, a dumping system that allows the operator to dump the tank into a 60 inch tall container which allows the operator to keep his machine on the job doing what it was designed to do (flushing and vacuuming) instead of transporting the spoils to landfills. We were the first to install Omnibus™, a complete operating system consisting of CAN-bus technology that includes operational instruction, truck chassis interface, complete Vac-Con system diagnostic, wireless remote controls and programmed safety features in one centrally mounted computer controller. We were the first to introduce the Power-Flex™ boom, a flexible telescopic boom that has an articulating elbow similar to a backhoe. The Power-Flex™ boom can telescope 10 feet, extending its reach up to 28.5 feet, and articulate up to 110 degrees.

Since its inception, Vac-Con has been the industry leader in innovation, reliability and customer support.

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