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Vac•Con® One Touch Service Packages

As a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum and hydro-excavation machines, Vac•Con personnel are experts in the industry. With this expertise comes the skills and knowledge to not only build these powerful machines from the ground up, but also to provide best-in-class technical service and support.

Your machine is an investment, and here at Vac•Con we understand the importance of maintaining its operational functions and capabilities in like-new condition. For this reason, we offer three levels of service packages designed to equip you with refurbishment options for when ‘old faithful’ needs a face-lift.

The Bronze Package

The Bronze Service Package provides what is considered the minimum offering for machine upkeep and refurbishment. This package includes the following services:

  • Washing and Degreasing of Unit
  • DOT Inspection
  • Vac•Con Service Inspection
  • Replacement of:
    • In-Out Seals
    • Rear Door Seal
    • Vacuum Breaker Door Seals
    • Telescopic Boom Seals
    • Reed Valve Rubbers
    • Rear Door Plate
    • All Kanaflex Suction Hose and Power Clamps
    • Mud Flaps
    • Hose Ends
    • Water Pump Suction Strainer and Gasket
    • Hydraulic Tank Suction Strainer
    • Hydraulic Oil
    • All Ball Valves
    • Hydrostatic Pump Belt
    • Rotary Union
  • Change All Vac•Con Oil Filters
  • Lubricate Unit
  • Change Water Pump Oil
  • Install Water Pump Packing
  • Install Complete Decal Package
  • Change Oil in Split-shaft PTO
  • Change Positive Displacement Blower Oil
  • Change Auxiliary Engine Oil & Filters
  • All Components Readjusted to Factory Specifications

The Silver Package

The Silver Service Package is our mid-level offering and includes all of the services of the Bronze Package plus the following:

  • Replacement of:
    • Hose Reel Bearings
    • Hose Reel Pivot Pin and Bushings
    • Blower Bearings
    • Auxiliary Engine/Water Pump Drive Bearings
    • Boom Elbow
    • Lay-flat Hose
    • Fill Hose
    • Water Pump Suction Hoses
    • Blower Coupler
    • Water Pump Check Valves
    • Water Pump Drain Valves
    • Throttle Cables
    • Handgun Relief Valve
  • Rebuild High Pressure Relief Valve

The Gold Package

The Gold Service Package is our premium-level offering and includes all of the services of the Bronze & Silver Packages plus the following:

  • Rebuild blower
  • Complete Water Pump Rebuild
  • Complete Paint – Chassis & Cab
  • Replacement of:
    • Water Pump Belts
    • Water Jet Hose
    • Blower Belts
    • Lower Drive Bearings
    • Front Driveline

Vac•Con One Touch Service provides MORE POWER TO KEEP YOU WORKING. For more information on our service programs,

contact the team at 888-920-2945. International inquiries please contact us at +1-904-493-4969.

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