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Vac-Con Industrial Truck Advantages

Below please find a quick comparison of Vac-Con and other manufacturers. Additionally, these few items are vital to the machine to make it the best in the industry.

Debris Body
Some manufacturers only offer a debris body with a 15 yard tank capacity. Vac-Con’s 16 yard debris body means fewer trips to dump the debris which means increased productivity and more fuel saving over the life of the machine. The debris tank is made of special Core-ten steel which is naturally resistant to corrosion and it is abrasive resistant.

Bag House
Most other manufacturers use dual bag houses which hold 68 filter bags total. They do this because they believe the only way to filter the air is to use more filters. Vac-Con uses only 26 filter bags total. This means the other bags are three times as expensive and will take three times as long to perform cleaning and maintenance compared to the Vac-Con. Vac-Con achieves proper air filtration through better design allowing the operator to run the system at a lower engine RPM and engineering of airflow through the machine. Vac-Con uses the Trademark Star Bag which has more cloth to air ratio than the standard filter bag. Additionally, the Star Bags becomes washed and reused. They are also much less expensive than the typical cartridge type filters.

Hydraulic Oil
Most manufacturers use a 35 gallon hydraulic oil tank; Vac-Con uses a 50 gallon tank. As a result, Vac-Con can operate the chassis engine at lower RPM because more fluids are available to run the vacuum PD blower which equates to more fuel cost savings over the life of the unit. The hydraulic oil does not run the PD blower; used for operating the debris tank, rear door opener and locks, and boom only. The Vac-Con unit does have a hydraulic cooler which keeps oil temperature at the correct temperature for longer component life. Vac-Con hydraulic oil meets or exceeds ISO 68 oil standards for longer component life.

Vacuum Beaker Safety Relief
Other manufacturer’s use manual air operated vacuum relief; Vac-Con uses an automatic vacuum breaker. This ensures more safety on the job and prevents overfilling of the debris tank which can lead to debris “blow-by” getting into the vacuum pump which leads to failure. In addition, Vac-Con has one of the fastest Operating Vacuum Breakers in the industry; capable of breaking full vacuum in under two seconds ensuring operator safety.

Material Return System
The Vac-Con material return system was the first of its kind in the industry. The Vac-Con Industrial Material Returns system recovers the excess product from the filters and collects them in a hopper where they are evacuated back into the debris tank. Additionally, this allows more time on the job and less time at the dump site. The operator is not exposed to the vacuumed product and does not have to manually clean or decontaminant the shoot tubes or collection boxes.

Debris Tank Vibrator
Some manufacturers do not offer any type of debris tank vibrator. Vac-Con offers both and electric and hydraulic vibrators. The hydraulic vibrator allows for a stronger vibration enabling the system to break loose heavier material when dumping the debris out of the body. The vibrator can also be used to loosen the material cake off of the Star bags so that it can be removed by the material return system allowing for longer run times on the job.

Debris Tank Construction
Most other manufacturers use mild steel for their debris tank construction whereas Vac-Con uses a Core-Ten steel tank which is much more durable steel that does not require a coating to protect it. It is much more abrasion and corrosion resistant to the mild steel. This means longer tank life on the Vac-Con.

Debris Tank Air Inlet
Vac-Con uses a final filter bag that protects the blower from unwanted carry over. Also the Vac-Con Inlet has twice the total square inches than any other manufactures allowing the Vac-Con to run at slower speeds.

What do all of these Vac Con advantages mean for you:

  • Vac-Con will load faster and has a larger debris body which means less travel time to empty the tank.
  • Fewer filter bags means lower cost and less maintenance time and cost.
  • ac-Con’s debris tank will last longer due to the Core-Ten steel which means a longer life expectancy for the truck.
  • Vac-Con Industrial loader has the state of the art Material Return System allowing for hands free cleaning of the machine and less decontaminate time between wet and dry jobs.

Therefore, we hope that you can see by these comparisons that our system has all of the options and advantages that you need to provide a system for your clients that will get the job done quicker and save you more money over the life of the truck.

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