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The Evolution of Hydro-Excavation

Modern hydro-excavation as we know it began in the late 1960s as a method to move or remove debris from around and within underground utilities. These machines can be truck or trailer-mounted and utilize high-pressure water and vacuum to clear soil and blockages.


Many times, hydro-excavation is categorized with public works operations including sewer, catch basin, and stormwater systems. However, hydro-excavation is finding its role in new territories as its precision and performance outperform the efficiency of traditional methods.

The Evolution of Hydro-Excavation

We’ve outlined the benefits of hydro-excavation as well as a range of jobs below that hydro-excavation machines are taking on, redefining their position in a variety of industries.


Why Hydro-Excavation?


  • Safety – Hydro-excavation offers a safer, more accurate method to lay or expose underground facilities and subsurface utilities, as the risk of hitting lines is dramatically decreased. In addition, less manual labor means less of a chance of someone seriously injuring themselves with traditional excavating equipment, such as backhoes and hand tools.
  • Efficiency – The precision of hydro-excavation minimizes required labor and is able to complete a job without excess work.
  • Economical – Not only does hydro-excavation allow for accurate and efficient labor saving the user money, but it also reduces the risk of additional repairs from damages often seen with traditional means of excavation.



Hydro-excavation machines are able to function as single systems as well as in-conjunction-with other heavy-duty equipment depending on the requirements and goal of the job.


Waste Water

  • Trough clean-out
  • Filter bed cleaning, sand or carbon
  • Treatment plant housekeeping

Water Departments

  • Manhole cleaning
  • Valve box cleaning and straightening
  • Utility locating
  • Meter box cleaning and relocation
  • Valve box and catch basin cleaning
  • Carbon filtration change-outs, filter-bed cleaning

Storm Water Departments

  • Culvert cleaning
  • Drywell cleaning

Electrical Departments

  • Drilling mud recovery
  • Potholing & horizontal boring
  • Underground utilities locating

Grounds, Maintenance, Traffic, & Sign

  • Digging & locating without damage to utilities
  • Wash bay clean-up
  • Fence & post hole digging
  • Street sign installation
  • Tree planting & landscaping
  • Wet slurry recovery from saws & jackhammers

Emergency Response

  • Spill response
  • Flood clean-up
  • Waste recovery


If you find yourself involved in any of the tasks mentioned, or in jobs that you think could benefit from hydro-excavation, we encourage that you continue to research the method, and determine the benefits of investing in a hydro-excavation machine.



The Evolution of Hydro-ExcavationWe offer only the highest quality and most durable equipment in the way of combination sewer cleaners, industrial vacuum loaders, and hydro-excavation machines. Our goal is to build the best machines for your projects, always providing MORE POWER TO YOU. For questions, please contact us at our local number 888.92.2945, or for international inquiries at +1.904.493.4969.

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