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Our Quality is Built In

At Vac-Con our goal is to continuously look at what’s been done and see how we can improve upon it. It’s why we got in the game almost 40 years ago, and it still drives us today.

We sustain this drive by keeping our focus on quality. Quality is top-of-mind in everything we do from the process of design to the products we build and the people who build them.

Hydraulic Leak Identification

Vac-Con is now using SpectroLine Oil Glo Ultra UV dye in the hydraulic oil on all our machines. This allows the production team to identify and fix leaks prior to delivery.

To help maintain this level of quality during your pre-delivery inspections, Vac-Con is providing all our dealers with the UV flashlight we use here at the factory.

If you do find a leak, please repair it at the point of origin and use Simple Green or another painted surface cleaner to remove any visible dye.

Please contact the Vac-Con Quality team if you have any questions and thank you for helping us maintain the Vac-Con standard of quality.

Identifying Leaks

The SpectroLine Oil Glo Ultra UV dye in our hydraulic oil is formulated to work best with a 365nm UV flashlight – even in broad daylight.

The Darkbeam UV365 flashlight provided in this kit is the same one used at the Vac-Con factory.

Noted by their distinct glow and circled in red here are examples of hydraulic oil leaks detected using the UV light and our UV dye.

Without UV light

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, Quality

With UV light

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