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Power of 10

1) AeroBoost 3-Stage Fan:

Vac•Con uses aerospace science to harness the full potential of “happy air”– airflow with maximum efficiency inside the 3-stage fan. Game changing engineering and fabrication brings even more power to the job site. With better airflow comes less turbulence, which equals quieter and more efficient air, allowing for more power at less cost.

2) Online Training Portal:

We’ve empowered both customers and our dealer network with a robust and scalable online training portal. Customer service, parts, sales and marketing were all involved in making the portal informative and thorough. Complete with online videos that guide the course curriculum and user experience, this powerful online presence helps validate our “more power to you” stance.

3) Parts Made to Order:

Custom to your make and model, Vac•Con has over $5 million in parts inventory. With our new warehouse and parts tracking software we can ensure we have the parts you need, when you need them. Backed with a real person, 24/7 helpline and 24-hour parts shipment turnaround, Vac•Con never leaves you hanging. No matter what you need, our mission is to help you on the spot. We go the extra mile to get you back on the job as soon as possible.

4) 7000 Plus Trucks in the Market:

Vac•Con has manufactured more than 7,000 custom-built, truck-mounted machines since 1986, serving the public and private environmental markets worldwide. That’s valuable data input from over 30 years of experience, and we put it to work everyday. As one of the most technically advanced innovators in the business, Vac•Con is exceeding industry standards every year and consistently engineer’s game changing innovations into every aspect of production. Vac•Con is making it safer and more cost effective to operate and maintain it’s trucks than ever before. When it comes to owning a Vac-Con, there’s no better value or user benefits available anywhere.

5) 100% Employee Owned:

That’s right, 100%. When employees take a vested interest in their handiwork, the end result is machines that last and get the job done. At Vac•Con, increased quality control and feedback are as important as lunch breaks and paychecks. More than a tagline, our employees live out “more power to you” everyday. It’s embedded in everything we do – our technology, our culture and our leadership. Building tough, reliable trucks, takes tough reliable people – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

6) New ReelSmart Hose Control System:

Mastering the underground now comes with more power, and knowledge. Introducing the new ReelSmart technology from Vac•Con. With a computerized command controller, up to 30 jobs can be recorded and stored for future use. Payout footage, job locations and special instructions can easily be recalled and put to use. The ReelSmart handles all hose reel payout and roll in functions, automatically. Making the job site for productive and efficient, not to mention less physical work for the operator. You can store up to thirty jobs at a time on a USB or maintain a daily log with its MS-Excel data dump. The new technology will be available in English, Spanish and French.

7) One Touch Customer Service:

When so much is on the line. So are we. One call, one point of contact, 24/7.

While some manufacturers make the sale and become scarce, Vac•Con is staying in touch. Vac•Con’s One Touch Customer Service allows instant access around the clock, by phone or internet, to a single point of contact – a real person focused on you.. Vac•Con is not just changing the industry standards when it comes to the most powerful trucks in the business, we’re changing they way customers have access to sales, service and parts, around the clock, whenever you need it.

8) Omnibus Precision Power:

Technology to rule the underworld with the palm of your hand. The Omnibus Precision Power Control System gives you control Authority over all vacuum, water and engine functions, and at a centralized control panel, right where you are working. This coordination of systems allows you to use as much power as is needed, saving time and fuel while allowing precise movements of the hydraulic components.

9) New plant expansion:

Our commitment to the industry is unwavering, just ask our customers and our employees. If you really need proof, come visit our expanded facilities in Green Cove Springs Florida. With a recent multi-million dollar plant expansion and planned service bays in the works our dedication to serving our customers has never been more evident. Our customer service philosophy of “always being in touch” is a testament to our 24/7 mentality and always putting our customers first – the new plant reflects that and is designed to meet those needs.

10) Global dealer network:

While we build the best machines available in the industry, it’s our people who really make the difference. Our expansive dealer network is empowered to serve your needs from the very beginning of the buying process to end delivery and training. With over 37 dealers in the United States, three dealers in Canada, and over 25 international dealers, we’re putting the power of relationships at the forefront, that’s the true power of Vac•Con.