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2018 Storm Season Preparation

Before the Storm

As a Florida-based manufacturer, we are no stranger to storms and natural disasters. Just this past hurricane season, our own area faced the effects of devastating hurricanes that induced both wind and flood damage. We understand on both a professional and personal level how important storm preparation is, no matter what part of the country or what types of natural disasters to which your area is prone.

With this in mind, we are in the midst of hurricane season, which won’t see its official end until November 30th. In addition, this time of year leaves many areas vulnerable to flooding as severe storms move across the country. So how can you better prepare your municipalities, cities, and customers to mitigate the risks of these unavoidable situations?

2018 Storm Season PreparationPre-Season Cleaning

Ideally, we recommend that all drains and catch basins that tend to puddle in a normal rain shower are addressed prior to the beginning of the rainy or storm season. If these lines cause flooding in a simple spring shower, they could be catastrophic paired with a major storm or excessive rain levels.

Both truck-mounted and trailer-mounted combination machines are ideal for these types of clean-up and prep. If the jobsite is in a tight, possibly urban area, utilize a trailer-mounted machine such as the ones manufactured by Vector to provide a quick and effective solution to clearing the lines.

For drains that feed a multitude of homes and businesses, such as in a large development, a larger, truck-mounted combination machine can effectively take on the task.

Though it may seem as though simply clearing blocked lines wouldn’t resolve major flooding issues, we have had testimonials that speak to the effectiveness of this storm preparation. Prior to Hurricane Matthew in 2017, a colleague in our community testified that their local municipality was seen cleaning the neighborhood storm drains with their Vac•Con Combination Machine several days before the storm made landfall. She was proud to note that none of the homes in the neighborhood faced flooding damage from a storm that devastated homes up the coast.

A simple clean-out can be the difference between a flooded house or a dry house!

What to Expect in Cleaning Lines

Over time, debris such as branches, dirt, sand, and even garbage are directed down storm and catch basin lines. These items will typically flow out, but as material builds, water drainage is blocked and a back-up can occur. In many cases, it is imperative that residents attempt to keep anything but water from running into storm drains, as any material running in will be transported to local waterways and is the main agent that causes blockages. However, if these solid types of materials make it into the lines, it is important to keep a check on the drains and identify any puddling and lack of flow immediately.

To effectively clear these lines, a combination machine, truck or trailer-mounted, will utilize high-pressure water and vacuum power to either push the material through the line or to remove it completely.

Taking Pre-Cautions

So you’ve checked off all of the storm-prep boxes either as a worker of a municipality or contractor, or even as resident yourself. Your property is prepared, and you’ve mitigated as much of the weather risks as you possibly can. So what’s next?

Kitted Out

In addition to preparing and protecting your property, it is most important to prepare yourself and others who will be with you through the storms. Most communities offer storm preparation kits, which will assist you with stocking the necessities to make it through a storm, as well as provide tips to keep you safe. Don’t forget your four-legged or other pet family members as you prepare. They rely on you to keep them safe!

Know Your Zone

Are you in a flood-prone area? What’s your zone? Plug in your address on the FEMA flood zone map to identify what zone you are located in, and take all recommended or mandated precautions. It’s cliché, but don’t be a statistic!


No matter how much you’ve prepared or how many boxes of ‘Hurricane Snacks’ you’ve got stocked in your pantry, if you are mandated to evacuate, then leave! Governments keep a close track on the projection of these storms, as well as their intensity. If they require that you need to leave for your own safety, don’t take the risk. Be smart. Be Safe.

2018 Storm Season PreparationVac•Con®

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